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Peabody 150 Homes for 150 Years

3rd Prize  affordable housing development design competition


Plaistow, Newham


A London Housing Association – Peabody launched an architectural competition to develop a proposal for approximate 150 affordable homes on a four-acre site in Plaistow, Newham.

The focus is to explore how communities have changed in this new century and the relationship between buildings and the open spaces around them.


Atelier TL entered the conceptual submission in parallel to pre-qualification competition.

Design Philosophy

It is important that the development both respects the existing character of the area and adds to the urban grain in a positive manner on a constrained island site. In order to achieve this, the site has been divided into 2no. segments separated/ integrated by the main access 'Boulevard'. The boulevard is a multipurpose urban hub which integrates the functions of main vehicle/pedestrian access, parking area, landscape, meeting and unifying point for the disparate elements of the site.

To the west the genius locii is retained by the incorporation of the existing buildings into an integrated whole consisting of buildings, courtyards, parking, allotments and 'informal' landscape.

To the east a new development is proposed which incorporates the following urban features – varying scales of building (2-4 storeys), mews court and street access, traditional gardens and enclosed landscape/ play areas.



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