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Located at the edge of Manchester city centre the site lies in close proximity to the revived Northern Quarter, the industrial hinterland of Victoria Station and the historic Cheetham Hill Community.

“Tree of Life” circular glass structure houses offices, apartments and solar energy features that service the whole development – an urban landmark with a practical function. Conceived as a series of rectilinear blocks the buildings form the edges of two major squares – an internal “agora” and external garden court.  The agora has a covered glass roof which forms part of the passive energy features of the site as well as enabling it to be used for a multiplicity of uses.

Whilst the development is viewed as a single entity in conceptual terms it contains four distinct building zones:

Tree of Life” – apartment and office suite tower with associated heat recovery and electrical generation features (photovoltaic and wind-turbine).

Agora Block”– central plant/ refuse recycling with usages e.g. Co-operative business product sales in square (market days); Starter business units; Restaurant / cafeteria; Affordable housing.

Garden Court Block – affordable housing.

Miller Street Block – urban edge with information technology façade. Office accommodation at the top floor which can either accommodate executive suites or be broken down into smaller units for co-operative business development.



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