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House extension – a term commonly used to represent modification of a house to suit changing living patterns of its habitants – the homeowner. As one of the primal essential, a living house can also be perceived as a defining locus on the earth where every human is living. It is far more important than just providing shelter by stacking up bricks with mortar. It is a home which accommodates the inhabitants’ lives. They reflect the home owners’ character, life style, taste, families and social backgrounds and connections. Every ‘extension’ is a unique project, no matter it is an extension of a living room, kitchen, addition of conservatory, ensuite bathroom or conversion of a loft and bedroom.


By thoroughly understanding the client’s brief, every proposed design is a specific solution to reflect every individual client. Balancing between innovative design concept and buildability is one of the tasks of an architect on projects. Every project is a result of precise interpretation, total dedication and past experience from first meeting on setting up of clients brief to scheme design, planning/ building regulation application to procurement, site supervision and defects inspection. Time and cost are also closely monitored in order to make sure projects are delivered successfully.


From our past experience, strong working relationships are formed between architect, client, and contractor via continuous co-ordinated communication and impartial professional manner. Having the clients’ trusts from the start to finish of past projects, we continue to maintain a good relationship and reputation with our clients.

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