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Gresham Mill

70 Apartment block

Salford, UK



The residential development consists of two blocks of apartments, one of 11 storeys and one of 6 storeys comprising a total of 70 apartments over a Brownfield site. The scheme  forms part of a development covering a third of a hectare and is located to the rear of the existing Gresham Mill near the river Irwell. This simple and rational scheme is a result of maximizing usage of the site with aesthetic, economic and environmental considerations. The six storey block faces southeast towards the river with the eleven storey block facing downstream towards the southeast. The full height glazed southern facades contrast with the north faced brick facade providing not only heat gain from southern sun light but also panoramic views to the downstream and giving a full reflection of river Irwell. The northern facade not only acts as a thermal mass to the apartments but also harmonizes with the existing brick-built Gresham Mill. A pedestrian access to the riverside walkway was created with private terraced area on ground level between the six storey block and walkway. 


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