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Netherfield Road, Liverpool, UK


 The site is located on the hillside of Everton, overlooking the city of Liverpool. It was previously occupied by a pub and then a community centre. A focal point has to be maintained at the corner junction between Netherfield Road South and Prince Edwin Street within the local area by this private residential development. The development consists of 19 apartments with a mix of 1 bed and 2 bed units.


Utilizing the site contours, the building is built to the back of pavement on Netherfield Road to enhance the urban context. A recessed lower and upper ground floor gives depth to the building while at the same time providing a private area which functions as a terrace and vent to the lower car park level. The glazed façade to the south and west give a stunning view over the panorama of Liverpool and a landmark façade for the regeneration of the area.


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