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Conference and office centre


Penllergaer, Swansea, UK

This two storey business centre is placed on a north/south axis at the western edge of the raised plateau for maximum prominence. The entrance plaza leads from a roundabout to the entrance of the building and is a linking element between external, building and site circulation. Car parking is designed within a wall garden which minimizes its impact.

The building is generated by two basic forms – circle and line. A large spine wall which runs north/south intersecting the circle and anchoring all activities of the complex. The building is formed by the office ‘spine’ – the line and the conference ‘head’- the circle. The feeling of solidity imparted by the wall and drum is used to compliment the office element located along its spine which is treated as a transparent façade.

The reception and communal area is placed at the head of the entrance plaza and is approached over a water feature which gives dramatic views to the west. A conference hall is located above the reception and conceived as a 12 sqm centred in the circle. Entrance to the conference hall is through a concourse designed as a glazed atrium. Ground floor office suite has an outlook onto a garden area. It can be divided into a series of small lettable office suites or as a single self-contained unit.

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